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a bit of thoughts on maintenance work on nullring
in february i've decided to move nullring backend to some paas/iaas because i was tired of many annoyances, like: expired certificates, domains, stopped services, lack of storage space etc. i've found paas service that provide free tier that kinda suits my needs for not so loaded public webservice.
the only bad thing was that it stops application container when it's inactive (good thing in this state it does not spend free minutes), so i have to keep persistent data somewhere else. so i decided simply to store it as file on neocities site, and it seems that it was poor choice for database purposes (and probably i've lost some data during migration stage), because it is not intended for this. caching breaks consistency as "every read receives the most recent write or an error", and isolation isn't there when file can be updated by concurrent requests.
as a solution i've created tiny web service (hosted on my vps) acting like single source of truth database, that is periodically synchronized with file on neocities. i hope it should reduce amount of things i have to care about and solves consistency and data integrity problems.
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will it be a good idea to write posts for this blog in my native language (because it's becoming harder to express thoughts for me in english) then google-translate it, edit a bit and put here with original hidden behind spoiler?

also a bit of reflection
recently i've decided to revive my old tumblr blog and accidentally found that it's pretty similar in some way to neocities, as both can be called content-centric social network. actually they're not so much identical. in neocities site is something atomic and opaque, content and its form are mixed, you can't extract or detach it easily and all linking/aggregating content is done manually by users. cons of this approach that "social network" part looks like atavism or ductaped feature, you often should do a lot of boilerplate work and it's harder to regularly find someone interesting without being tied to exact site, as well as get some feedback because others should discover your site to find something that they like. on the other hand tumblr is more structured, content and its appearance separated, so it could be easily found, extracted, compiled and linked to other content, users and related groups, you can get basic feedback on something you post relatively fast. but actually you're also tied to predefined "personal blog" format and social aspect plays more significant role in people being interested in you here.
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i often choose «underdog» software i.e. one that are uncommon, because of small audience, inferiority in some technical or marketing aspect or being old/niche/developing slowly. sometimes because it just good enough for by tasks, sometimes because there are interesting ideas used. but i can't understand people who arguing about it being superior in all aspects over something more common, as well as people saying that it have to be thrown away without any objections.
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during previous week I've decided to reduce time I spend with notebook, mostly because want to go to sleep before midnight and (coding + internet + DAW) distract and steal a lot of time. often i just sit and browse internet while having feel that there are bits of various ideas and concepts waiting inside my mind – this causes that i'm both distracted by random browsing and generating new ideas. But as ideas aren't crystalized yet I don't produce any meaningful implementation of this concepts and then they reside in «recycle bin» of my mind and distract me. so i've decided to concentrate on this site and try to mature ideas before making something then put it here. also with same reasoning i've decided to stop playing with DAW every evening – as most time i spend hours and don't produce even demo – loops, then throw it away and forget while it can be reused or rethought and do same next day.
i've thought of two new sections – «scriptorium» and «scrapheap of concepts». first one is just page a-la github gists where i'll put some one-purpose bash/python/js scripts i've done. second one will contain ideas for software/services – ones which have kinda formal description/specification written.
also found example of blog i wanted mine to be similar to: it's mazey a bit, but concept of «external brain» is cool.
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recently i often come to thought that this site seems neither finished nor emerging to me. there isn't any original concept or purpose. when it were created i supposed that it'll be kinda spin-off to my "official" site with same purpose but alternate "editorial policy": less concerned with content purity/suitability, slightly altered accents and closer to "normal personal site on neocities". it means – whole site consists of derivative ideas of same person, back in days it didn't confuse me. later i've understood that i doesn't have much objectionable stuff which will be certainly put here, same topics caused that most things were published and still publishing on "primary" site and most of my attention went there. one thing that i succeed here (at least partly) – is consistent style although it's not good or complex enough to supersede or compensate lack of other ideas. many times i thought about some original microprojects but unfortunately i supposedly wasn't too interested to bring them here. another idea was to create some kind of ARG backstory or alter-ego behind this site but at the moment there isn't much done also (actually nothing).
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Just found two cool interface fonts – fixed-width Victor Mono and proportional PT Root UI. The most pleasant that they contain not only Latin-1 subset of glyphs.
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today i've found usb drive that was used in the beggining of 2010s but somewhen about 5 years ago it failed many times to be recognized by my computer so i considered it broken. but when i plugged it today i suprisingly saw my files from 2012, Slax and various stuff for it (like Opera 11), Parted Magic distro and floppy boot images, manuals and software for USB modem from local provider
also i've added rss feed for blog
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(almost) everyone knows about bikeshedding - futile discussion between group members about irrelevant details or marginal issues, but how similar effect can be called when you're internally arguing with yourself on some nonsense, moreover you often implement both variants and then each one gives you another bunch of choices.
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i've thought about why i constantly abandon site despite i'm producing a lot of (i think) things. i've thought and found out that uploading and organizing stuff on neocities isn't the least time-consuming thing anymore, so it has lost priority therefore some of my output goes to other places and spreads over the interwebs. also it seems i concentrate a lot on form not content.
so there is idea that there is no idea behind
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i've bored of old site appearance and made a new one in purple + black. old one still accessible, probably i'll mix them somewhen. so welcome again. ps: now i'm thinking old design is cool in some way and this one sucks. but anyway no one cares 'cause there is no oc